Vol. 2018 No. 2
New and revised publications, March and April 2018

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public in March and April 2018.

Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Martha C. Monroe, PhD, Barbara F. Shea, MD, Linda B Bobroff, PhD
Breast Cancer: When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer: FCS8826/FY896, rev. 4/2018
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Linda B Bobroff, PhD, RDN, Martie Gillen, PhD
Elder Nutrition: FCS2213/FY628, 3/2018
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Linda B. Bobroff, PhD, RDN
Nutrition for Health and Fitness: Fiber in Your Diet: FCS8130/HE697, rev. 3/2018
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Linda B Bobroff, PhD, RDN
Nutrition for Health and Fitness: Sodium in Your Diet: FCS8129/HE696, rev. 1/2018
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Linda Bobroff, PhD, RDN
Symptoms and Treatment of Low Blood Glucose: FCS8749/FY521, rev. 2/2018
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Leigh Ann Martin, MESS, Emily A. Minton, BS, Linda B Bobroff, PhD, RDN
Prevención de Caídas: Soluciones para su hogar: FCS2228-Span/FY858, rev. 1/2018
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Paulina Wittkowsky, MS, RD, Linda B Bobroff, PhD, RDN, Emily Minton
Vida saludable: Use sus medicinas de una manera segura: FCS8594-Span/FY668, rev. 2/2018
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Angela B. Lindsey, Samantha Goldenberg, Cassie Wandersee
Developing and Strengthening Networks to Promote Resilience After Disasters: FCS3346/FY1477, 4/2018
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Food and Resource Economics Department

Berdikul Qushim, Zhengfei Guan, Fritz Roka
The H-2A Program and Immigration Reform in the United States: FE1029, 3/2018
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Fredy H. Ballen, Aditya Singh, Edward A. Evans, Jonathan H. Crane
Cost Estimates of Producing Sapodilla in South Florida, 2017: FE1015, 12/2017
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Feng Wu, Zhengfei Guan, Vance Whitaker
Florida Strawberry Growers Need More Early Yield to Improve Profitability: FE1032, 9/2017
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Trina Biswas, Zhengfei Guan, Feng Wu
An Overview of the U.S. Bell Pepper Industry: FE1028, 12/2017
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Zhengfei Guan, Feng Wu, Steven A. Sargent
Labor Requirement and Costs for Harvesting Tomatoes: FE1026, 12/2017
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Zhengfei Guan, Dong Hee Suh, Feng Wu
Tomato Suspension Agreements and the Effects on Market Prices and Farm Revenue: FE1025, 12/2017
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Zhengfei Guan, Trina Biswas, Feng Wu
The U.S. Tomato Industry: An Overview of Production and Trade: FE1027, 9/2017
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Ariel Singerman
Cost of Production for Fresh Market Grapefruit Grown in Indian River, 2016/17: FE1037, 2/2018
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Ariel Singerman
Cost of Production for Processed Oranges Grown in Southwest Florida, 2016/17: FE1038, 2/2018
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Christa D. Court, Alan Wade Hodges, Mohammad Rahmani, Thomas Spreen
Economic Contributions of the Florida Citrus Industry in 2015-16: FE1021, 7/2017
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Kevin Athearn, Amarat Simonne, Soohyoun Ahn
Budget Template for Home Canning: FE1034, 11/2017
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School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatic Sciences

Patrick Joseph Minogue, Brent V. Brodbeck, James H. Miller
Biology and Control of Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) in Southern Forests: FR342/FR411, 3/2018
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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (FFGS)

Eric Jon Cassiano, Jeffrey E. Hill, Quenton Tuckett, Craig A. Watson
Eastern Mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, for Control of Mosquito Larvae: FA202, 4/2018
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Horticultural Sciences Department

C. Zambrano-Vaca, Lincoln Zotarelli, Katie W. Migliaccio, Richard Beeson, Jr., Kelly T. Morgan, Jose X. Chaparro, Mercy A. Olmstead
Irrigation Practices for Peaches in Florida: HS1316, 4/2018
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