Dark Southern Drywood Termite (suggested common name) Kalotermes approximatus Snyder (Insecta: Blattodea: Kalotermitidae)
a map of Florida showing locations of termite data throughout the state
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Velenovsky, Joseph F., and Rudolf H. Scheffrahn. 2018. “Dark Southern Drywood Termite (suggested Common Name) Kalotermes Approximatus Snyder (Insecta: Blattodea: Kalotermitidae): EENY-699/IN1208, 2/2018”. EDIS 2018 (2). Gainesville, FL:5. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-in1208-2018.


Dark southern drywood termites are classified as “an uncommon structural pest,” though some infestations have been recorded. Learn to identify this termite species and get information about its distribution, history, biology, and management in this 5-page fact sheet written by Joseph F. Velenovsky and Rudolf H. Scheffrahn and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Entomology and Nematology.

EENY-699/IN1208: Dark Southern Drywood Termite (suggested common name) Kalotermes approximatus Snyder (Insecta: Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) (ufl.edu)

Also available on the Featured Creatures website: https://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/urban/termites/Kalotermes_approximatus.html

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