Vol. 2022 No. 1
New and Revised Publications, January and February 2022

UF/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center

Jacqlyn Rivas, Tiare Silvasy, Luke Harlow, Lynn Barber, Jennifer W. Marvin, Esen Momol, Tina McIntyre, Terra Freeman
Efficient Irrigation for Florida-Friendly Edible Landscapes: ENH1353/EP617, 2/2022
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UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

Megan Hammond, Amy T. Vu, Mary Bammer; Emily Helton (Revision Author); Karen Henry, Jessica Sullivan, James D. Ellis
Welcome to the Hive! Honey Bee 4-H Project Book: 4H419, 2/2022
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Brian Estevez, Chad Carr, Deanna Brock, Sonja Crawford, Mark Mauldin, Shayla Reighter, Laura Bennett, Caroline Chappell, Aly Schortinghouse, Nick Simmons
Florida 4-H Tailgating Contest Handbook: 4H423, 2/2022
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Alyssa Schortinghouse, Brian Estevez, Chad Carr, Nicholas Simmons
Market Hog Project Financial Considerations: 4H426, 2/2022
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Dale Pracht (Former Author); Andrew Toelle, Brent Broaddus
Action Research: A Methodology for Organizational Change: 4H424, 2/2022
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Department of Agricultural Education and Communication

Alane Humrich, Lee Hayes Byron, Jennison Kipp, Marianne Schmink, Kimberly Davis, Paul Monaghan
Community-Based Home Energy Tune-Up/Audit Programs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Implementing Energy Equity Programs in Your Community: WC408/AEC747, 2/2022
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Marianne Schmink, Emily Ott, Paul Monaghan, Lee Hayes Byron, Alane Humrich, Jennison Kipp, Wendell Porter, Matthew Williams, Kimberly Davis, Fiona Hogan
Using Community-Based Social Marketing to Improve Energy Equity Programs: WC407/AEC746, 2/2022
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Laura A. Warner, Megan S. Cantrell, John M. Diaz
Social Norms for Behavior Change: A Synopsis: WC406/AEC745, 1/2022
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Colby Silvert, Laura Warner, Matt Benge, John Diaz
Tapping into Residents’ Perceptions to Diffuse Landscape Water Conservation and Protection Practices: WC405/AEC744, 1/2022
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Lee Hayes Byron, Alane Humrich, Marianne Schmink, Jennison Kipp, Kimberly Davis, Paul Monaghan
Options for Incorporating Energy Efficiency into Extension Programs: A Menu of Possibilities for Extension Energy Programming in Your Community: WC409/AEC748, 2/2022
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Tyus Williams, Kathryn A. Stofer, Kirsten Hecht, Lisa Lundgren
Using Social Media to Engage Communities with Research: Creating a Community Through Best Practices: WC400/AE739, 1/2022
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Jessica Williams, Paul Monaghan, Ricky Telg, Shelley Voelker
An Introduction to Including Individuals with Special Needs in the Garden: AEC742/WC403, 2/2022
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Mary Bammer, Matthew Benge, Laura Warner
Conducting the Needs Assessment #9: The Nominal Group Technique: WC410/AEC749, 1/2022
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Agronomy Department

Jason Ferrell, Gregory MacDonald, Barry Brecke; Pratap Devkota (Revision Author)
Weed Management in Sorghum: SS-AGR-06/WG002, rev. 01/2022
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Marcelo Wallau, Joao Vendramini, Adegbola Adesogan, Diwakar Vyas, Kevin Korus
Silage Crops for Dairy and Beef Cattle II: Sorghum and Other Forage Crops: SS-AGR-461/AA269, 02/2022
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Dennis C. Odero, Brent Sellers
Fall Panicum: Biology and Control in Sugarcane: SS-AGR-132/SC079, rev. 02/2022
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Marcelo Wallau, João Vendramini, Ed Jennings
Forage Planting and Establishment Methods on Prepared Seedbed: SS-AGR-161/AG107, rev. 01/2022
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Ann Blount, Marcelo Wallau, Brent Sellers, Dennis Hancock, Leanne Dillard, Jose Dubeux, Cheryl Mackowiak, João Vendramini, Clay Cooper
Brunswickgrass (Paspalum nicorae): A Weed Contaminant in Southern Pastures and Bahiagrass Seed Production Fields: SS-AGR-405/AG408, rev. 01/2022
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Brent A. Sellers, Pratap Devkota
Weed Management in Pastures and Rangeland—2022: SS-AGR-08/WG006, rev. 01/2022
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Cliff G. Martin, Zachary T. Brym
Common Weedy Plants on Open, Tilled, and Rocky Soil in the Redland Agricultural Area, Miami-Dade County, Florida: SS-AGR-459/AG460, 01/2022
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Marcelo Wallau, João Vendramini, Adegbola Adesogan, Diwakar Vyas, Kevin Korus
Silage Crops for Dairy and Beef Cattle I: Corn: SS-AGR-69/AA250, rev. 02/2022
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Department of Animal Sciences

Mario Binelli, Angela Maria Gonella-Diaza, Thiago Martins, Cecilia Constantino Rocha, Felipe Alves Correa Carvalho Silva, Federico Tarnonsky, Sergio Daniel Roskopf, Owen Rae, Joseph Daniel Driver, Nicolas DiLorenzo, Jose Carlos Dubeux, David Thomas
Calculating Calf Performance in Beef Operations: The University of Florida Beef Herds in the 2019–2020 Calving Season: AN384/AN384, 02/2022
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Zaira Magdalena Estrada Reyes, Yoko Tsukahara, Arthur L. Goetsch, Terry A. Gipson, Tilahun Sahlu, Ryszard Puchala, Raluca G. Mateescu
Genetic Markers for Resistance to Gastrointestinal Parasites in Sheep and Goats from the Southern Region of the United States: AN383/AN383, 01/2022
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Izabella Toledo; Justina Jade Dacey (Contributor)
Testing Small Ruminants for Mastitis Using the California Mastitis Test (CMT) and How to Properly Hand-Milk Goats: AN382/AN382, 02/2022
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Environmental Horticulture Department

Laurie Trenholm, Marco Schiavon, J. Bryan Unruh; Travis Shaddox (Former Author); Kevin E. Kenworthy
Bahiagrass for Florida Lawns: ENH6/LH006, rev. 2/2022
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Amanda Marek, Mark Bailey, Gail Hansen
Edible Ornamental Landscaping Guide for North-Central Florida: ENH1354/EP618, 2/2022
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Esen Momol, Claire Lewis, Tom Wichman, Elisha Cash; Jen Marvin (Contributor); Michelle Atkinson, Julie McConnell, Tina McIntyre; Chris Marble, Bryan Unruh, Lynn Barber, Stacie Greco, Ben Bolusky , Merry Mott, Deirdre Irwin , Betsy McGill (Contributor); Cheryl Harris, Emily Brown, Michael Scheinkman, Amanda Peck
Guidelines for Hiring a Florida-Friendly Landscape Professional: ENH1350/EP614, 2/2022
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Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Halie Corbitt, Shari Bresin, LuAnn Duncan, Katherine Allen, Brenda Marty-Jimenez, Amarat Simonne, Martha Maddox, Lori Wiggins, Jill Breslawski
Wild Game: Food Safety and Nutrition: FCS3366/FY1505, 01/2022
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Jamie C. Stolarz, Karla P. Shelnutt (Former Author); Andrea Nikolai, Annie Sheldon Wallau (Revision Author)
Physical Activity for Families: FCS8922/FY1192, rev. 02/2022
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Francesca Michelini, Randy Cantrell, Kate Fogarty
Understanding the Risk of Homelessness for Emerging Adult Foster Care Youth : FCS3367/FY1506, 01/2022
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Michael Fioretto, Chad Carr, Jason M. Scheffler; Jennifer G. Bearden (Contributor); Halie Corbitt
Wild Game: Fresh Meat Processing: FCS3365/FY1504, 01/2022
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Chad Carr, Jason M. Scheffler, Michael Fioretto, Jennifer G. Bearden, Halie Corbitt
Wild Game: Safety and Quality in the Field: FCS3364/FY1503, 01/2022
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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (FFGS)

Natalia Medina Irizarry, Michael Andreu
The Impacts of Trimming Mangroves: FOR378/FR448, 02/2022
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