Efficient Irrigation for Florida-Friendly Edible Landscapes
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Rivas, Jacqlyn, Tiare Silvasy, Luke Harlow, Lynn Barber, Jennifer W. Marvin, Esen Momol, Tina McIntyre, and Terra Freeman. 2022. “Efficient Irrigation for Florida-Friendly Edible Landscapes: ENH1353/EP617, 2/2022”. EDIS 2022 (1). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-ep617-2022.


This new 7-page publication is written for Florida gardeners, homesteaders and other horticulturalists interested in planting and establishing edible landscapes and improving those landscapes by conserving water. This publication will provide guidance for choosing the ideal irrigation system for edible cropping systems as well as general tips for conserving water in edible landscapes.

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