Vol. 2023 No. 1
New and Revised Publications, January and February 2023

New and Revised articles published by UF/IFAS Extension on the Ask IFAS website in January and February 2023.

Department of Animal Sciences

Mario Binelli, Thiago Martins (Revision Author); Tim Wilson, Cindy Sanders, Mark Warren, Matt Hersom, Curt Lacy
Converting the Beef Cow Herd to a Controlled Breeding Season: AN267/AN267, rev. 1/2023
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Entomology and Nematology Department

Abdullah A. Alomar, Lawrence E. Reeves, Barry W. Alto
Keystone virus: a mosquito-borne arbovirus: ENY2096/IN1389, 2/23
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Environmental Horticulture Department

Carrie Reinhardt Adams, Laura Reynolds, Charles W. Martin, Christine Rohal, Ryan Goebel, Jodi Slater
Common Wetland and Aquatic Plants of Lake Apopka, Florida (USA) : ENH1363/EP627, 1/2023
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Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Alicia Papanek, Catherine G. Campbell, Hannah Wooten
Social and Community Benefits and Limitations of Urban Agriculture: FCS3378/FY1517, 1/2023
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Erin Kersey; Latoya J. O'Neal, Ashlyn Michael, Beatrice Pierre, Tyler Nesbit, Larry Forthun (Contributor)
Substance Use and Rural Populations : FCS3379/FY1518, 2/2023
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Food and Resource Economics Department

Trent Blare, Afeefa A. Abdool-Ghany, Helena M. Solo-Gabriele
Cost Estimates for Producing Sargassum spp. Compost: FE1128, 2/2023
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Horticultural Sciences Department

Alan Chambers (Revision Author); Pamela Moon, Vovener de Verlands Edmond (Former Author); Maria Brym; Elias Bassil (Former Author); Xingbo Wu
Vanilla Cultivation in Southern Florida: HS1348, rev. 1/2023
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Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

Heather Donnelly, Ashley Smyth, Shirley Baker, Laura Reynolds, Angela Collins
How Do Oysters Remove Nitrogen? SL498/SS711, 1/2023
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