Vol. 2022 No. 6
New and Revised Publications, November and December 2022

These numbered, UF/IFAS Extension articles have also been published on the Ask IFAS website between November 1st and December 31st, 2022.  

UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center

J. Breman, P. C. Andersen (Former Author); M. A. Shahid, A. Sarkhosh (Revision Author)
Commercial Fresh Market, Wine, Juice, and Jelly Grape Cultivars for Florida: HS1152/HS401, rev. 12/2022
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Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Bibek Acharya, Vivek Sharma, Charles Barrett, Sudeep Singh Sidhu, Lincoln Zotarelli, Michael D. Dukes
Methods to Quantify In-Field Nutrient Leaching: AE581/AE581, 12/2022
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Jordan Neff, J. A. Watson, W. A. Porter
An Introduction to Sizing Centrifugal Pumps in Aquaculture: AE579/AE579, 9/2022
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Department of Agricultural Education and Communication

Laura A. Warner, Alicia L. Rihn, Amy Fulcher, Susan Schexnayder , Anthony V. LeBude, Lloyd Nackley, Margarita Velandia, James Altland
Addressing Labor Needs by Understanding Grower Perceptions about Adoption of Automated Nursery Technologies: A Resource for US Extension Professionals: WC425/AEC764, 12/2022
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Lauri M. Baker, Ashley McLeod-Morin, Shelli Rampold, Anissa Zagonel, Ricky Telg, Angela B. Lindsey, Michaela Kandzer, Sandra Anderson, Sydney Honeycutt, Phillip Stokes, Valentina Castano, Alena Poulin
Relying on Research for Effective Response: A Survey Tool for Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 to Create Extension Resources : WC426/AEC765, 12/2022
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Jamie Loizzo, Caroline Barnett, Christine Krebs, Gabriel Spandau
Streaming Science #3: Using Scientist Online Electronic Field Trips for Engagement with Your Target Audience: AEC763/WC424, 12/2022
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Agronomy Department

M. Wallau, A. R. Blount; J. M. Campos-Krauer, M. A. Lashley (Revision Author); E. Rios, J. M. B. Vendramini, J. C. B. Dubeux, Md. A. Babar, C. L. Mackowiak, K. H. Quesenberry
A Walk on the Wild Side: 2023 Cool-Season Forage Recommendations for Wildlife Food Plots in North Florida: SS-AGR-28/AG139, rev. 9/2023
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UF/IFAS Pesticide Information Office

D. C. Odero, J. M. Beuzelin, M. VanWeelden; C. L. Kammerer (Revision Author); R. N. Raid, S. Swanson, P. Rott; M. Mossler (Former Author)
Florida Crop/Pest Profile: Sugarcane: PI207/PI-171, rev. 12/2022
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Environmental Horticulture Department

Don Rainey, Esen Momol, Jennifer Marvin, Tom Wichman, Chris Marble, Lynn Barber, Susan Haddock
Florida-Friendly Mulches and Their Uses: EP626/ENH1362, 12/2022
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Kathleen C. Ruppert, Wendell A. Porter (Former Author); Randal A. Cantrell (Revision Author); Hyun-Jeong Lee (Former Author); Giovanna Marie Benitez (Revision Author)
Energy Efficient Homes: Ceiling Fans: FCS3261/FY1029, rev. 12/2022
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Phillip E. Kaufman; Edwin R. Burgess IV (Revision Author); Emma N. I. Weeks
Stable Fly Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Insecta: Diptera: Muscidae): EENY642/IN1114, 10/2022
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