Vol. 2019 No. 1
Issue Description

New Publications and Major Revisions released in January and February 2019.

Department of Agricultural Education and Communication

Laura A. Sanagorski Warner, Alexa J. Lamm, Sarah A. White, Paul R. Fisher, Peyton N. Beattie
Meeting U.S. Nursery and Greenhouse Growers’ Needs with Water Conservation Extension Programs: AEC-664/WC327, 1/2019
view on EDIS PDF-2019
Tyler L. D'Angelo, Andrew C. Thoron, James C. Bunch
What is Understanding By Design (UbD)? AEC-659/WC322, 1/2019
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Amanda D. Ali, Laura A. Sanagorski Warner, Ashley N. McCleod, Shelli Rampold, Alexa J. Lamm
Communicating to the Ages: Influence of Age on Florida Residents’ Informational Processing Behaviors: AEC-660/WC323, 11/2018
view on EDIS PDF-2018
Lauren Headrick Sweeney, Matthew Benge, Hannah Carter
Engaging Millennials in the Workplace: AEC-666/WC329, 2/2019
view on EDIS PDF-2019
Ricky W. Telg, Shelli Rampold
Meeting with Elected Officials: AEC-655/WC318, 1/2019
view on EDIS PDF-2019
Jarred Shellhouse, Hannah S Carter, Matt P Benge
Enhancing Motivation through Work Meaningfulness: AEC-667/WC330, 2/2019
view on EDIS PDF-2019
Glenn D Israel, Tiffany Henderson
Clients’ Experience with FCES: Widespread Satisfaction Tempered with Suggestions for Improvement: AEC-663/WC326, 12/2018
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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (FFGS)

Cortney L. Ohs, John Marcellus, Eric J. Cassiano, Jason Broach
Design and Operation of Egg Collectors for Pelagic Spawning Marine Fishes: FA211, 2/2019
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Plant Pathology Department

Pamela D. Roberts, Mathews L. Paret, Nicholas S. Dufault
Powdery Mildew on Watermelon in Florida: (PP342, 11/2018)
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Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Benjamin W. North, Elizabeth Frances Pienaar, Jessica D. Sullivan
Basic Steps to Creating a Conservation Land Trust in Florida: WEC-403/UW448, 1/2019
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