Vol. 2013 No. 3
New Publications 3/1/2013 through 3/31/2013

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public in March 2013.

D.L. Wright, E.B. Whitty, A.R. Blount
Planting Dates, Rates, and Methods of Agronomic Crops : SS-AGR-150/AA127, rev. 12/2019
James P. Cuda, J. Howard Frank
Florida’s Established Arthropod Weed Biological Control Agents and Their Targets: ENY853/IN779, 10/2012
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Zhengfei Guan
Regulatory and Market Risk Factors and the Emissions Reduction Potential for Energy Intensive Firms: FE919, 3/2013
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James J. Ferguson, Bala Rathinasabapathi, Carlene A. Chase
Allelopathy: How Plants Suppress Other Plants: HS944/HS186, 3/2013
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J. Van Treese, II, Edward A. Hanlon, N. Y. Amponsah, J. L. Izursa, J. C. Capece
Energy Valuation Methods for Biofuels in South Florida: Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment and Emergy Approaches: SL377/SS579, 3/2013
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Joseph W. Noling
Reducing Fumigant Application Rates and Soil Emissions with Plastic Mulch Technology: ENY046/IN403, 3/2013
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Joseph W. Noling
Fumigant Nematicides Registered for Vegetable Crop Use in Florida: ENY064/IN980, 1/2013
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Frederick M. Fishel
Storage Limitation Statements: Temperature – Fungicides: PI122/PI159, 3/2013
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Frederick M. Fishel
Children and Pesticides: PI226, 3/2013
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Frederick M. Fishel
EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP): PI227, 3/2013
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Frederick M. Fishel
Is Our Food Safe from Pesticides? PI230, 3/2013
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Alden Estep, Catherine Zettel-Nalen, James Ellis
Blue Orchard Bee, Osmia lignaria Say (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Megachilidae): EENY549/IN982, 3/2013
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Joseph W. Noling
Nematode Management in Potatoes (Irish or White): ENY029/NG029, 12/2012
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Susan E. Webb, Philip A. Stansly
Insecticides Currently Used on Vegetables: ENY419/IG018, 4/2012
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Edward A. Evans, Fredy H. Ballen, Jonathan H. Crane
Estimación de costos de establecimiento y producción de papaya en el sur de la Florida en 2012: FE920, 2/2013
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Edward A. Evans, Jordan Huntley, Jonathan Crane, Allen F. Wysocki
Costos Estimados en el 2010 para Establecer y Producir Pitaya (Fruta Dragón) en el Sur de Florida: FE921, 3/2013
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Don Spence, Jason A. Smith
Thousand Cankers Disease: A Threat to Black Walnut in Florida: FOR308/FR376, 2/2013
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Lincoln Zotarelli, Chad Hutchinson, Seth Byrd, Douglas Gergela, Diane L. Rowland
Trastornos fisiológicos de la papa - Grietas de Crecimiento: HS1211, 1/2013
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Lincoln Zotarelli, Clyde Fraisse, Daniel Dourte
Opciones de gestión agronómica para la variabilidad y para el cambio climático: El riego localizado: HS1212, 1/2013
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Peter Dittmar, Seth Byrd, Lincoln Zotarelli, Diane Rowland, William Stall
Manejo de malezas en las papas: HS1213, 1/2013
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Lincoln Zotarelli, Chad Hutchinson, Seth Byrd, Douglas Gergela, Diane L. Rowland
Trastornos fisiológicos de la papa - Centro marrón y Corazón hueco: HS1214, 1/2013
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Amie Imler, Todd Thrift, Matt Hersom, Joel Yelich
Effect of Age at Castration on Beef Calf Performance: AN289, 3/2013
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Phillip E. Kaufman; Edwin R. Burgess (Revision Author); Emma N. I. Weeks
Forced-Use Dust Bags for Management of External Parasites: ENY281/IG135, 2/2022
view on EDIS PDF-2022
Leslie Annie Hermansen-Baez, Jennifer Seitz, Martha C. Monroe
Wildland-Urban Interface: Key Issues: FOR202/FR264, 2/2013
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Kenneth A. Langeland, Jeffery Hutchinson
Natural Area Weeds: Old World Climbing Fern (Lygodium microphyllum): SSAGR21/AG122, 2/2013
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Wendy J. Dahl, Lauren Foster
De compras para la salud: Sodio: FSHN1006S/FS211, 3/2013
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Wendy J. Dahl, Jamila R. Lepore
Preparation of Puréed Foods: FSHN1212/FS205, 3/2013
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Jamila R. Lepore, Wendy J. Dahl
Puréed Foods: High Protein: FSHN1215/FS208, 3/2013
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Cassie Rowe, Jamila R. Lepore, Wendy J. Dahl
Carbohydrate Counting: Meals for Diabetes: FSHN1218/FS212, 3/2013
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Paula G. Harris-Swiatko, Wendy J. Dahl
A Guide to Healthy Snacking for the Frail Older Adult: FSHN1219/FS214, 3/2013
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Ashley R. Kendall, Wendy J. Dahl
Shopping for Health: Fruit: FSHN1220/FS215, 3/2013
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Wendy J. Dahl
Puréed Foods, Thickened Beverages, and Water Needs: FSHN1301/FS218, 3/2013
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Victor William Harris
What Is a Healthy Dating or Marriage Relationship? FCS2323/FY1361, 3/2013
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Victor William Harris, Gilon Marts, Martie Gillen
Promoting Healthy Relationship Development in Teens, Part I: How Dating Smart in Youth Can Foster Better Relationships in Adulthood: FCS2325/FY1363, 3/2013
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Diann Douglas, Martie Gillen, Lynda Spence
Women and Money: Unique Issues – Money Issues Across the Life Cycle: FCS7248/FY1352, 3/2013
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Lynda Spence, Martie Gillen, Diann Douglas
Women and Money: Unique Issues – Money and the Family: FCS7250/FY1354, 3/2013
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Jorge Ruiz-Menjivar, Martie Gillen
Retirement Need Analysis: How Much of My Current Income Will I Need for Retirement? FCS7251/FY1355, 3/2013
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Sandra B. Wilson, Judith A. Gersony, Keona L. Nolan, Janice C. Broda, Edward A. Skvarch, Jr.
Recommended Native Landscape Plants for Florida’s Treasure Coast: ENH1082/EP348, 3/2013
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Austen Moore, Amy Harder, Norma Samuel
Developing Urban Community Garden Projects: WC139, 3/2013
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