University of Florida Potato Variety Trials Spotlight: Atlantic
Typical internal flesh color of 'Atlantic'. Credit: Lincoln Zotarelli, UF/IFAS
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Andrade, Mario, Rodrick Mwatuwa, Christian Christensen, and Lincoln Zotarelli. 2021. “University of Florida Potato Variety Trials Spotlight: Atlantic”. EDIS 2021 (1).


‘Atlantic’ is a white-skinned potato, being the standard variety for chiping commonly cultivated in Florida (Figure 1). The cultivar was released as a white mutant of the USDA breeding program. It was selected from a cross of Wauseon and Lenape (UDSA seedling B5141-6). ‘Atlantic’ was released in July 1976 by the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA, the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, the Virginia Truck and Ornamentals Research Station, the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station (Webb et al. 1978). Production and quality results provided in this spotlight are summarized from various trials conducted by the University of Florida over the past 22 years.

This is a minor revision with an added author. Originally published 3/2016:

Mwatuwa, Rodrick, Christian Christensen, and Lincoln Zotarelli. 2020. “University of Florida Potato Variety Trials Spotlight: Atlantic”. EDIS 2016 (3), 3.
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