Vol. 2019 No. 3

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Caroline G. Staub, William R. Eisenstadt, William Blanc, Nicole Monval, Clyde W. Fraisse, William Lusher, George Braun, Lee Staudt
Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining Farm-Based Weather Stations in Haiti: AE532, 5/2019
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Department of Animal Sciences

Izabella M. Toledo, Ray A. Bucklin, Geoffrey E. Dahl, David K. Beede
Methods to Relieve Heat Stress for Florida Dairies: CIR782/AE022, rev. 2/2019
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School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatic Sciences

Michael G. Andreu, Caroline A. Hament, David A. Fox, Robert J. Northrop
The Structure and Composition of Gainesville's Urban Forest in 2016: FE344/FR413, 6/2019
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Plant Pathology Department

Douglas A. Phillips, Norma C. Flor, Philip F. Harmon
Florida Blueberry Leaf Disease Guide: PP348, 5/2019
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Isaya Kisekka, Kati W. Migliaccio, Michael D. Dukes, Jonathan H. Crane, Bruce Schaffer; Sandra M. Guzman, Haimanote K. Bayabil (Revision Author)
Evapotranspiration-Based Irrigation for Agriculture: Crop Coefficients of Some Commercial Crops in Florida: AE456/AE456, rev. 6/2019
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