Vol. 2018 No. 3
New and Revised Publications May and June 2018

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public in May and June 2018

UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

Gerald (Jerry) Culen, Dale Pracht, Paula Davis, Stefanie Prevatt, Janet Psikogios
Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work: Shooting Sports State Plan and Program Guidelines: 4H-FSV-90.10/4H390, 6/2018
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Agronomy Department

Philippe Charles Rott, Dennis Calvin Odero, Julien Beuzelin, Richard N. Raid, Matthew VanWeelden, Stuart Swanson, Mark Mossler
Florida Crop/Pest Profile: Sugarcane: PI-171/PI207, rev. 5/2018
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Michael J. Mulvaney, Ramdeo (Andy) Seepaul, Ian M. Small, David L. Wright, Silvana V. Paula-Moraes, Carl Crozier, Paul Cockson, Brian Whipker, Ramon Leon
Frost Damage of Carinata Grown in the Southeastern US: SS-AGR-420/AG420, 5/2018
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Entomology and Nematology Department

Nicole A Casuso, Hugh A. Smith
Pest Identification Guide: Bondar’s Nesting Whitefly: Paraleyrodes bondari: ENY-994/IN1204, 5/2018
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Nicole A Casuso, Hugh A. Smith
Pest Identification Guide: Ficus Whitefly: Singhiella simplex: ENY993/IN1203, 5/2018
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Nicole A Casuso, Hugh A. Smith
Pest Identification Guide: Rugose Spiraling Whitefly, Aleurodicus rugioperculatus: ENY992/IN1202, 5/2018
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Nicole A Casuso, Hugh A. Smith
Pest Identification Guide: Solanum (Pepper) Whitefly, Aleurotrachelus trachoides: ENY991/IN1201, 3/2018
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Cameron J Jack, James D Ellis
Wax Moth Control: ENY121/AA141, rev. 3/2018
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Eileen A. Buss, Brianna Whitman, Adam G. Dale
Managing Southern Chinch Bug in Warm Season Turfgrasses: ENY-325/LH036, rev. 6/2018
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Stephen Henry Brown, Lyle J. Buss
Caterpillar Pests of Tiki Huts and Other Thatched Structures: ENY995/IN1213, 5/2018
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Rebecca Perry, Adam G. Dale (Revision Author)
Stinging and Venomous Caterpillars of the Southeast: SP107/IN014, rev. 6/2018
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Horticultural Sciences Department

Fernanda Souza Krupek, Steven A. Sargent, Peter J. Dittmar, Lincoln Zotarelli
Seed Piece Spacing Adjustment for Florida Chipping Potato: HS1317, 5/2018
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Plant Pathology Department

Douglas A Phillips, Maria C. Velez-Climent, Philip F. Harmon, Patricio R. Munoz
Anthracnose on Southern Highbush Blueberry: PP337, 5/2018
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Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Bethany Rose Wight, Raoul Keith Boughton
Feral Swine Trapping: Techniques and Designs: WEC395/UW440, 6/2018
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Jenna M. Cole, Sarah K. Cooke, Venetia S. Briggs-Gonzalez, Justin R. Dalaba, Frank J. Mazzotti
Frogs and Toads of Northern Belize: WEC394/UW439, 5/2018
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