Shopping for Health: Breakfast Cereals
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Seckar, Jenna, and Wendy J. Dahl. 2016. “Shopping for Health: Breakfast Cereals: FSHN15-11/FS274, 12/2015”. EDIS 2016 (1). Gainesville, FL:3.


It is no secret that breakfast is an important meal. Eating breakfast provides you with physical and mental energy to start the day, along with vitamins and minerals. Cereal is a quick, versatile, and budget-friendly breakfast choice. The benefits of eating a healthy cereal include increased fiber intake and lower body weight. But navigating the cereal aisle at your local grocery store can be an overwhelming experience. Continue reading this 3-page fact sheet to learn more about cereal and how to find your new go-to breakfast choices. Written by Jenna Sechar and Wendy J. Dahl, and published by the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, December 2015.

FSHN15-11/FS274: Shopping for Health: Breakfast Cereals (
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