Using Social Media to Engage Communities with Research: Basics
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social media
public engagement with science
community engagement
science communication
agricultural communication

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Stofer, Kathryn A, Lisa Lundgren, Kirsten Hecht, and Tyus Williams. 2020. “Using Social Media to Engage Communities With Research: Basics: AEC698/WC361, 11/2020”. EDIS 2020 (6). Gainesville, FL.


This new 7-page publication of the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication defines social media, presents reasons for using it to share science, and identifies multiple platforms available for use now. We provide an introduction to and overview for a series on getting the most out of social media for sharing science or STEM, including agricultural research. Our primary goal is to assist people working through social media to broaden the community engaged with research. The series includes additional publications on social media planning, evaluating social media engagement, and social media for branding, among other topics. Written by Kathryn A. Stofer, Lisa Lundgren, Kirsten Hecht, and Tyus D. Williams.
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