Vol. 2023 No. 4
New and updated publications, July and August 2023

New and Revised articles published by UF/IFAS Extension on the Ask IFAS website in July and August 2023.

UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Shinsuke Agehara, George Hochmuth
Fertilization of Strawberries in Florida
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UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center

Sheeja George, Ian M. Small, Pratap Devkota, Henry Y. Sintim, Mike J. Mulvaney, Ramon Leon, Silvana Paula-Moraes, Isaac Esquivel, Rick Bennett, Alison Poknywinski, Dan Geller, James J. Marois, David L. Wright
Carinata, the Sustainable Crop for a Bio-based Economy: Production Recommendations for the Southeastern United States: SS-AGR-384/AG389, 8/2023
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Department of Animal Sciences

Fernanda Rezende, Caitlin Bainum, Joseph Walter, Timothy Wilson
Understanding the Basics of EPDs: AN388/AN388, 7/2023
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Environmental Horticulture Department

Paul Fisher, Rosanna Freyre, Celina Gómez, Brian Pearson, Tatiana Sanchez-Jones, Shawn Steed, Wanda Laughlin; Robert Hochmuth (Revision Author); Jeff Wasielewski, Deah Lieurance, Carrie Harmon, Mathews Paret, Lance Osborne; Kevin Athearn (Contributor); Steven Sargent, Mengzi Zhang, Sofia Flores, Carly Nelson, Marlon Retana-Cordero, Nathalia Tello
Ginger, Galangal, and Turmeric Production in Florida: ENH1374/EP638, 8/2023
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R. Klein, A. J. Lindsey, M. McMillan (Revision Author); J. B. Unruh; M. D. Dukes (Revision Author)
Fertilization and Irrigation Needs for Florida Lawns and Landscapes: ENH860/EP110, rev. 7/2023
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Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

Lakesh K. Sharma, Yiannis Ampatzidis
Approaches to Consider for Site-Specific Field Mapping: SL500/SS713, 8/2023
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Hui-Ling Liao; Ko-Hsuan Chen, Florencia Marcon, Robert (Robbie) Jones, Brittany Justesen, Joseph Walter, Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Doug Mayo, Marcelo Wallau (Contributor)
A Preliminary Survey of Mycotoxins Identified from Florida Bahiagrass Pastures
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Lakesh K. Sharma, Ayush K. Sharma, Andrew Ogram, Hardeep Singh
Improving Biological Nitrogen Fixation to Improve Soil Nutrient Status
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Yuncong Li, Qiang Zhu, Rao Mylavarapu, Kelly Morgan, Guodong Liu, Jonathan Crane, Qingren Wang, Henry Mayer, Jeff Wasielewski, Laura Vasquez, Qingchun Liu, Teresa Olczyk
Nutrient Management Recommendations Based on Mehlich-3 Extractant for Calcareous Soils in Miami-Dade County
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Lakesh K. Sharma, Lincoln Zotarelli, Christian T. Christensen
The Importance of Sulfur for Florida Agricultural Production: SL502/SS715, 8/2023
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Yilin Zhuang, Andrea Albertin, Arthur G. Hornsby
Household Drinking Water Testing for Public and Private Water Supplies
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Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Mark E. Hostetler, Martin B. Main; Maena Voigt (Former Author); Alejandra Areingdale , Miguel Acevedo (Translator)
¿Por qué no debemos alimentar a las aves acuáticas? WEC179S/UW508, 6/2023
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Paige Borcyk, Elizabeth Fortner, Natalie M. Claunch, Steve A. Johnson; Alejandra Areingdale , Miguel Acevedo (Translator)
Los Reptiles Introducidos en Florida: la iguana verde (iguana iguana): WEC440S/UW510, 8/2023
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