Vol. 2017: Minor

Minor revisions in 2017.

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Michael D. Dukes, Dorota Z. Haman
Residential Irrigation System Rainfall Shutoff Devices, or Rain Sensors: ABE325/AE221, rev. 1/2017
view on EDIS PDF-2017

Environmental Horticulture Department

Laurie E. Trenholm, J. Bryan Unruh, Travis W. Shaddox
St. Augustinegrass for Florida Lawns: ENH5/LH010, rev. 9/2017
view on EDIS PDF-2017
Edward F. Gilman; Ryan W. Klein, Gail Hansen (Revision Author)
Abelia x grandiflora: Glossy Abelia: FPS 001/FP001, rev. 11/2017
view on EDIS PDF-2017