Income Tax “Need to Knows” for Military Families
Basic illustration of tax withholding and its implications for paycheck amounts and tax refunds. Credit: Kristen Jowers.
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O’Neill, Barbara, Martie Gillen, and Kristen Jowers. 2024. “Income Tax ‘Need to Knows’ for Military Families: FCS3395/FY1537, 1/2024”. EDIS 2024 (1). Gainesville, FL.


This publication discusses general information about income tax terminology, general information about income tax rules, rates, and refunds, military-specific income tax challenges, military-specific income tax regulations, five income tax planning tips for military families, and income tax resources. Written by Barbara O’Neill, Martie Gillen, and Kristen Jowers, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, January 2024.
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