Vol. 2013 No. 8
New Publication 9/1/2013 through 9/30/2013

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public in September 2013.

Luis Santos, Alan L. Wright, Yigang Luo, Huangjun Lu, Dennis Calvin Odero
Nitrogen Cycling and Management for Romaine and Crisphead Lettuce Grown on Organic Soils: SL386/SS588, 9/2013
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Benjamin Chapman, Michelle D. Danyluk
Establishing Lot Size through Sanitation Clean Breaks in Produce Packing Facilities: FSHN13-10/FS234, 8/2013
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Rao Mylavarapu, Vimala Nair, Kelly Morgan
An Introduction to Biochars and Their Uses in Agriculture: SL383/SS585, 8/2013
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Mercy Olmstead, Jose Chaparro, Jeffrey G. Williamson, Robert Rouse, Russell Mizell, Philip Harmon, James Ferguson
Florida Subtropical Peaches: Production Practices: HS1109/HS348, 8/2013
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Wael M. Elwakil, Mark A. Mossler
Florida Crop/Pest Management Profile: Watermelon: CIR1236/PI031, 8/2013
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Chris Demers, Michael Andreu, Babe McGowan, Alan Long, Jarek Nowak
Thinning Southern Pines - A Key to Greater Returns: SSFOR24/FR159, 7/2013
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David J. Norman, Shad Ali
Ornamental Ficus Diseases: Identification and Control in Commercial Greenhouse Operations: PP308, 8/2013
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Marjorie Hoy
Eriophyid mite vector of Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) Phyllocoptes fructiphilus Keifer (Arachnida: Acari: Eriophyidae): EENY558/IN999, 5/2013
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Laura Sanagorski, Aaron Trulock, Jason A. Smith
Armillaria Root Rot (Also known as Mushroom Root Rot, Shoestring Root Rot, Honey Mushroom Rot): ENH1217/EP478, 7/2013
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Amanda Eiden, Phillip E. Kaufman
Southern black widow Latrodectus mactans (Fabricius) (Arachnida: Araneae: Theridiidae): EENY560/IN1000, 5/2013
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Thomson Paris, Barukh Rohde, Phillip E. Kaufman
Rainbow scarab Phaneaus vindex Macleay (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): EENY567/IN1003, 7/2013
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Alan L. Wright, Ron Cherry, Huangjun Lu, Pamela Roberts
Silicon Effects on Resistance of St. Augustinegrass to Southern Chinch Bugs and Plant Disease: SL387/SS589, 9/2013
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Timothy K. Broschat
Phoenix canariensis: Canary Island Date Palm: ENH-598/ST439, 8/2013
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Brian J. Pearson
Soil Characteristics and Management Practices for Urban Residential Landscapes: ENH1218/EP479, 9/2013
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Linda B. Bobroff, Leigh Ann Martin
Healthy Living: High Blood Pressure: FCS8599/FY684, 9/2013
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Parth Naik, Victor Harris, Larry Forthun
Mindfulness: An Introduction: FCS2335/FY1381, 9/2013
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Brenda C. Williams, Diann Douglas, Martie Gillen, Lynda Spence
Women and Money: Unique Issues – Selecting Your Financial Professional Team: FCS7252/FY1370, 7/2013
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Diann Douglas, Martie Gillen
Women and Money: Unique Issues – Your Money Matters: FCS2180/FY046, 9/2013
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Diann Douglas, Martie Gillen, Lynda Spence
Women and Money: Unique Issues – So You Want to Remarry? FCS7249/FY1353, 3/2013
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Randall A. Cantrell
How to Hire and Manage Residential Contractors: FCS3318/FY1380, 9/2013
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Laura Gorham, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani
Persuasion as a Communication Tool: AEC481/WC144, 7/2013
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Laura Gorham, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani
Persuasion in Messages: AEC482/WC145, 7/2013
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Laura Gorham, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani
Persuasive Papers, Speeches, and Campaigns: AEC483/WC146, 7/2013
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Reba Ellen Hicks, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani
Planning Special Events: AEC484/WC147, 7/2013
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Reba Ellen Hicks, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani
Event Marketing and Public Relations: AEC485/WC148, 7/2013
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Glenn D. Israel, Jessica L. Gouldthorpe
The Savvy Survey #5: The Process for Developing Survey Questions: AEC395/PD065, 8/2013
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