The Savvy Survey #14: Mixed-Mode Surveys
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Israel, Glenn D., and Jessica L. Gouldthorpe. 2014. “The Savvy Survey #14: Mixed-Mode Surveys: AEC408/PD078, 4/2014”. EDIS 2014 (4). Gainesville, FL.


As part of the Savvy Survey Series, this publication provides Extension faculty with an overview of the mixed-mode survey. There are many methods that can be combined for conducting mixed-mode surveys, including face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, web surveys, and mail questionnaires. This publication focuses specifically on one type of mixed-mode survey that uses both e-mail and postal mail for sending survey invitations, as well as a website and paper questionnaires for collecting responses. Mixed-mode surveys such as this are well suited for conducting needs assessments for program development or follow-up surveys for program evaluation. This 11-page fact sheet was written by Jessica L. Gouldthorpe and Glenn D. Israel, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, April 2014.

AEC408/PD078: The Savvy Survey #14: Mixed-mode Surveys (
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