The Savvy Survey #6e: Understanding How Question Type Impacts Future Analysis
Dr. Taylor Stein examines who hikes the Florida trail and why. Image was taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing. UF/IFAS Photo: Thomas Wright.
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Gariton, Colleen, and Glenn Israel. 2021. “The Savvy Survey #6e: Understanding How Question Type Impacts Future Analysis”. EDIS 2021 (1).


This publication will briefly look at how the intent of a survey affects which types of questions should be asked and how the data can be analyzed to help address this intent. It is intended to provide guidance to Extension professionals, as well as persons in community organizations, who conduct surveys for program planning, improvement, and evaluation. Written by Colleen E. Gariton and Glenn D. Israel, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.
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