The Savvy Survey #6b: Constructing Open-Ended Items for a Questionnaire
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Gouldthorpe, Jessica L., and Glenn D. Israel. 2014. “The Savvy Survey #6b: Constructing Open-Ended Items for a Questionnaire: AEC397/PD067, 4/2014”. EDIS 2014 (4). Gainesville, FL.


This 4-page fact sheet provides an overview of constructing open-ended items for a questionnaire. It is part of the Savvy Survey Series. Written by Jessica L. Gouldthorpe and Glenn D. Israel, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, April 2014.

AEC397/PD067: The Savvy Survey #6b: Constructing Open-Ended Items for a Questionnaire (
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