Important Things to Know about Medicare: Chapter Eight--What if I need help paying my health care and prescription drug costs?
Nurse helping an old man on crutches.




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Terminello, Amanda, and Martie Gillen. 2014. “Important Things to Know about Medicare: Chapter Eight--What If I Need Help Paying My Health Care and Prescription Drug Costs? FCS2344/FY1390, 9/2013”. EDIS 2014 (1). Gainesville, FL.


Important Things to Know about Medicare is a series of 10 publications that will cover the most common Medicare concerns. The series will provide general information about Medicare, including the four major plans, supplemental policies, interactions with different types of insurance, and assistance programs.

As an older adult citizen of the United States, it is important to understand the structure of Medicare and how it affects you. The information in this series is based on the most current data available and includes several changes with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This guide was also written using Florida guidelines when appropriate. Please bear in mind that your personal situation may vary from the examples in the series, and always contact your local Medicare representative for questions regarding your own circumstances.

Written by Amanda Terminello and Martie Gillen, and published by the UF Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, September 2013.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 2013. Medicare and You: The Official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook (CMS Product No. 10050-28). Washington, DC: Government Printing Office