Biology and Management of Goosegrass (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.) in Ornamental Plant Production
A fawn at a private deer farm. Photo from publication WEC382/UW427: Trueperella (Arcanobacterium pyogenes) in Farmed White-Tailed Deer. Credit: Tyler Jones, UF/IFAS.
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Nursery Weeds
Poaceae (taxonomic family)

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Steed, Shawn T., Christopher Marble, Nathan S. Boyd, Andrew W. MacRae, and Kiran Fnu. 2017. “Biology and Management of Goosegrass (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.) in Ornamental Plant Production: ENH-1274/EP538, 12/2016”. EDIS 2017 (1). Gainesville, FL:6.


This six-page fact sheet provides information about the biology and management of goosegrass, including preemergence and postemergence control options. Written by Shawn Steed, Christopher Marble, Nathan S. Boyd, Andrew MacRae, and Kiran Fnu and published by the Environmental Horticulture Department.­
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