Forage Soybeans for Grazing, Hay and Silage
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Blount, Ann R., David L. Wright, Richard K. Sprenkel, Tim D. Hewitt, Clif K. Hiebsch, and Bob O. Myer. 2003. “Forage Soybeans for Grazing, Hay and Silage: SS-AGR-180/AG184, Rev. 1/2003”. EDIS 2003 (3). Gainesville, FL.


Livestock producers need a high-protein summer forage. Forage soybeans fit well in a production system following small grains or early planted corn. This document is SS-AGR-180, one of a series of the Agronomy Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida. Revised January 2003.

SS-AGR-180/AG184: Forage Soybeans for Grazing, Hay, and Silage (
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