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Vol. 2022 No. 6
Published November 4, 2022
New and Revised Publications, November and December 2022

These numbered, UF/IFAS Extension articles have also been published on the Ask IFAS website between November 1st and December 31st, 2022.  

UF/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center

Tina McIntyre, Rachel Gutner, Tiare Silvasy, Jacqlyn Rivas, Esen Momol
Mulching Herbs, Vegetables and Fruit Trees in The Florida-Friendly Edible Landscape: EP625/ENH1361, 11/2022
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Agronomy Department

M. Wallau, A. R. Blount; J. M. Campos Krauer, M. A. Lashley (Revision Author); E. Rios, J. M. B. Vendramini, J. C. B. Dubeux, Md. A. Babar, C. L. Mackowiak, K. H. Quesenberry
A Walk on the Wild Side: 2021 Cool-Season Forage Recommendations for Wildlife Food Plots in North Florida: SS-AGR-28/AG139, rev. 10/2021
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Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Tyler S. Nesbit, Karen Awura-Adjoa Ronke Coker, Sarah McKune, Larry Forthun, LaToya O'Neal
Resources and Suggestions to Support Black Women’s Maternal Health: FCS3376/FY1515, 11/2022
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Ashlyn Michael, LaToya O'Neal, Erin Kersey, Angela Nielsen, Karen Coker, Larry Forthun
A Community-Based Approach to Supporting the Mental Health of Rural Youth: FCS3375/FY1514, 11/2022
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School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatic Sciences

Noah C. Boldt, Jonathan van Senten, Carole R. Engle, Eric J. Cassiano, Matthew A. DiMaggio
The Effects of Regulation on Ornamental Aquaculture Farms in Florida: FA248, 11/2022
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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (FFGS)

Lisa Chong, Angela B. Collins, Holly Abeels, Anna Braswell, Andrew Ropicki, Edward V. Camp
Artificial Reefs in Florida 101: Effects on Fisheries--Part 4 of an Artificial Reef series: FA244, 11/2022
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Horticultural Sciences Department

Peter C. Andersen (Former Author); Muhammad A. Shahid, Kevin Folta (Revision Author)
Low-Chill Apple Cultivars for North Florida and North Central Florida: HS764/MG368, rev. 11/2022
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Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Kenneth T. Gioeli, Steve A. Johnson, Amanda Thompson; Lourdes Pérez Cordero (Translator)
Basilisco Marrón en Florida: WEC454/UW499, 11/2022
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