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Vol. 2021 No. 6
Published November 1, 2021

UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center

Carey Minteer, Eutychus Kariuki, James P. Cuda
Biological Control of Weeds: Is it Safe? ENY2072/IN1342, 12/2021
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Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Haimanote K. Bayabil; Kati W. Migliaccio, Jonathan H. Crane, Teresa Olczyk, Qingren Wang (Contributor); Laura Vasquez, Carlos Balerdi (Translator)
Regulaciones y Guías para la Quimigación: AE567/AE567, 11/2021
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Jovana Radovanovic, James D. McGuire, Jana Caracciolo, Tom Ankersen, Eban Z. Bean
Example Ordinance for Compost Amending Soil in Urban Landscaping: AE566/AE566, 10/2021
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Department of Animal Sciences

Izabella Toledo
Programa de Manejo del Ordeño: Procedimientos de Ordeño Adecuados para Optimizar la Eficiencia del Ordeño y la Calidad de la Leche: AN371/AN371, 10/2021
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Tracy Scheffler, Jason Scheffler, Chad Carr
Certified Beef Programs: What's in a Name? AN372/AN372, 10/2021
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Izabella Toledo
Proper Milking Procedures: AN376/AN376, 11/2021
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L. T. Casarotto, J. Laporta, G. E. Dahl
Financial Impacts of Late-Gestation Heat Stress on Cow and Offspring Lifetime Performance: AN374/AN374, 11/2021
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Angela Maria Gonella-Diaza, Oscar Alejandro Ojeda, João Bittar, Mario Binelli
Analysis of the USDA’s 2017 Cow-Calf Management Practices Results: Part 1—Calf Crop and Calving Distribution: AN375/AN375, 11/2021
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Philipe Moriel; Fernanda Batistel (Revision Author)
Nutrition at Early Stages of Life Determines the Future Growth and Reproductive Performance of Dairy Calves: AN336/AN336, rev. 11/2021
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Izabella Toledo
Procedimientos de Ordeño: Pasos para Mejorar la Calidad de la Leche y Eficiencia al Ordeñar las Vacas: AN373/AN373, 10/2021
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Mario Binelli, Thiago Martins, Cecilia Constantino Rocha, Felipe A. C. C. Silva, João Bittar, Philipe Moriel, Angela Gonella-Diaza, Lauren Butler, Cindy Sanders
Reproductive Tract Score: A Tool for Evaluating Beef Heifer Reproductive Potential: AN370/AN370, 10/2021
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Kaitlyn Sarlo Davila, Heather Hamblen, Serdal Dikmen, Peter Hansen, Todd Thrift, Raluca Mateescu
Incorporating Brahman Genetics in the Cow Herd to Alleviate Heat Stress: AN366/AN366, 10/2021
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Diwakar Vyas
From Sheep to Shawl: An Outline of Wool Processing in Florida: AN377/AN377, 11/2021
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Gleise M. Silva, Nicolas DiLorenzo
Potential Bull Buyers and Consignors Perceive Increased Value to Their Operations When Purchasing Bulls from the Florida Bull Test: A 20th Anniversary Survey: AN378/AN378, 11/2021
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Environmental Horticulture Department

Jason Kruse, Bryan Unruh, Jennifer Marvin, Tom Wichman, Lynn Barber, Norma Samuel, John Bossart, Claire Lewis, Esen Momol
Synthetic Turfgrass and the Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: ENH1348/EP612, 12/2021
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Horticultural Sciences Department

Philip Harmon, Oscar Liburd, Peter Dittmar, Jeffrey Williamson, Doug Phillips
2022 Florida Blueberry Integrated Pest Management Guide: HS380/HS1156, rev. 11/2021
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Lincoln Zotarelli, Tara Wade, Gary England, Christian Christensen
Nitrogen Fertilization Guidelines for Potato Production in Florida: HS1429, 12/2021
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Kevin Folta, Dustin Huff, Ali Sarkhosh
Growing Feijoa Fruit in Florida: HS1424, 12/2021
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Kevin Athearn, Marina Burani Arouca, Robert C. Hochmuth; Josh H. Freeman, Nicholas Dufault, Benjamin Broughton, Tatiana Sanchez, Luke Harlow, Henry T. Pittman, Mark Warren (Contributor)
Watermelon Production Budget for North Florida: FE1104, 12/2021
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Lincoln Zotarelli, Charles Barrett, Andre Luiz B. R. da Silva, Christian Christensen, Gary England
Nitrogen Fertilization Guidelines for Bare-Ground and Plastic Mulch Cabbage Production in Florida: HS1428, 12/2021
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UF College of Veterinary Medicine

João H. Jabur Bittar, DVM, MS, Ph.D., Roberto A. Palomares, DVM, MS, Ph.D., DACT
A Research-Based Summary on Trace Minerals for Cattle: VM245/VM245, 10/2021
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