Vol. 2022 No. 4
Issue Description

New and Revised numbered publications released on July and August 2022, also made available on UF/IFAS Extension's Ask IFAS website https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu 

UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center

D. L. Wright, J. A. Ferrell; Santosh Sanjel (Former Author); I. Small
Soybean Production in Florida: SS-AGR-182/AG185, rev. 7/2022
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Environmental Horticulture Department

J. Bryan Unruh, Marco Schiavon, Alex J. Lindsey, Kevin E. Kenworthy; L. E. Trenholm (Former Author); A. Fernanda Arévalo Alvarenga (Translator)
La Grama Zoysia para Patios de Florida: ENH11s/LH085, 7/2022
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Morgan Pinkerton, Brianna Whitman , Hannah Wooten, Celina Gomez
Common Media Used in Hydroponics: EP623/ENH1359, 8/2022
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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (FFGS)

Ruth Francis-Floyd, Craig Watson, Denise Petty, Deborah Pouder
Ammonia in Aquatic Systems: FA-16/FA031, 06/2022
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Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

Amy L. Shober (Former Author); Alexander J. Reisinger
Nitrogen in the Home Landscape: SL254/SS479, rev. 8/2022
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Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Kenneth T. Gioeli, Steve A. Johnson, Amanda Thompson
Brown Basilisks in Florida: WEC-452/UW497, 8/2022
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