Distiller Grains for Beef Cattle Feeding
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Myer, Bob, Travis Maddock, and Matt Hersom. 2009. “Distiller Grains for Beef Cattle Feeding: AN225/AN225, 7/2009”. EDIS 2009 (7). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-an225-2009.


In all, DGS is an excellent feed for beef cattle. This feed can provide both protein and energy in many beef cattle supplement feeding and backgrounding programs. With the increasing production of ethanol for fuel, the availability of DGS will only increase in the future. University research has indicated that DGS can be safely fed up to 40% of total diet (dry basis), and the possibility of greater inclusion rates does exist. With the increase in the availability of DGS, more research is currently being conducted at several institutions that will help to more clearly define acceptable feeding levels and feeding management practices for DGS.

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