Deficit Irrigation in HLB-affected Citrus Trees
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Kadyampakeni, Davie Mayeso, Lauren Diepenbrock, and Jawwad Qureshi. 2023. “Deficit Irrigation in HLB-Affected Citrus Trees”. EDIS 2023 (March). Gainesville, FL.


Deficit irrigation practices can reduce water and energy cost, thus potentially increasing water use efficiency and water savings in citrus production. Deficit irrigation management, if timed at periods of reduced water demand, can moderate citrus leaf and root flush patterns which could help control pest pressure such as Asian citrus psyllid and trigger increased root water and nutrient uptake and tree growth. Recently, we conducted two experiments to understand the impact of reducing irrigation amounts on water use patterns in 1- to 3-year-old HLB-affected citrus in Florida.

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