Promoting Ag Awareness through Commodity Fact Sheets
Watermelon Fact Sheet to support Ag Awareness Efforts.
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Stofer, Kathryn A., Jessica Sullivan, Joy N. Rumble, and Libbie Johnson. 2016. “Promoting Ag Awareness through Commodity Fact Sheets: AEC591/WC253, 6/2016”. EDIS 2016 (5). Gainesville, FL:3.


Increasing public awareness of Florida agriculture is a vital step in motivating the public to support agriculture. A basic understanding of Florida’s agricultural products, their impacts on the economy and the environment, and their availability contributes to Extension’s mission to sustain and enhance quality of life. This 3-page publication outlines a series of fact sheets with infographics related to specific Florida agricultural commodities. These fact sheets are intended to be visually appealing while presenting an overview of the commodity and its role in Florida agriculture. Written by Kathryn A. Stofer, Jessica Sullivan, Joy Rumble, and Libbie Johnson, and published by the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, June 2016.

AEC591/WC253: Promoting Ag Awareness through Commodity Fact Sheets (
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Rumble, J. N., Stofer, K. A., & Johnson, L. (2016). Understanding Ag Awareness Programming throughout UF/IFAS Extension: Supporting Citizen Awareness of Food Systems and the Environment. AEC504. Gainesville: University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

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