Peters’s Rock Agama in Florida
A photo of a male Peters's rock agama on a low brick wall showing to good effect its orange head and tail and charcoal-colored midsection, all set off nicely by the orange bricks and green artificial turf in the foreground.
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Nonnative reptiles

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Gioeli, Ken, and Steve A. Johnson. 2020. “Peters’s Rock Agama in Florida: WEC431/UW476, 9/2020”. EDIS 2020 (5). Gainesville, FL:5.


There is growing public awareness of Peters’s rock agama in Florida.  Adult male agama are highly visible because of their bright red coloration.  Juveniles and females are much less colorful.  Adult agama are large, fast moving reptiles.  This document provides background information about the introduction of agama to Florida as well as biology, conservation issues and management recommendations.
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