Preventing Encounters between Children and Snakes
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Johnson, Steve A., and Martin B. Main. 2019. “Preventing Encounters Between Children and Snakes: WEC 201/UW227, 9/2005”. EDIS 2006 (2). Gainesville, FL.


The most effective way to prevent a child from being bitten by a venomous snake at school or elsewhere is to prevent them from interacting with a snake. We provide measures that can be taken by schools to discourage snakes from coming onto school property and we provide a short educational program that teachers can give to students. This document is WEC 201, one of a 4-part series of the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation entitled Dealing with Venomous Snakes in Florida School Yards, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date September 2005. 

WEC 201/UW227: Preventing Encounters between Children and Snakes (
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