IFAS Standardized Nutrient Recommendations for Vegetable Crop Production in Florida
Typical young 'Fiesta' plants approximately 30 days after tubers were planted in the ground bed. Figure 3 from publication ENH1281/EP545: Caladium Cultivars ‘Cosmic Delight’, ‘Fiesta’ and ‘Hearts Desire’. Credit: Zhanao Deng, UF/IFAS.
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Mylavarapu, Rao S., George J. Hochmuth, and Guodong Liu. 2017. “IFAS Standardized Nutrient Recommendations for Vegetable Crop Production in Florida: CIR1152/CV002, Rev. Major 10/2017”. EDIS 2017 (6). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-cv002-2017.


This publication presents the fertilization recommendations for vegetable crops based on soil tests performed by the IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL). It contains the basic information from which ESTL soil-test reports and fertilization recommendations are generated. Additional information on nutrient recommendations is presented in the Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida, 2017-2018. Similarly, IFAS Standardized Nutrient Recommendations for Agronomic Crops can be found in SL129 (Mylavarapu, 2015).  

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