Vol. 2003 No. 17
New Publications 11/5/2003 - 12/1/2003

New EDIS publications that have been released to the public between November 5, 2003 and December 1, 2003.

Kara N. Youngentob, Mark E. Hostetler
Environmental Interpretation: How to Communicate Persuasively: WEC169/UW182, 11/2003
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Kenneth R. Berger
Consumer Choices Can Reduce Packaging Waste: ABE328/AE226, 9/2002
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Kenneth R. Berger
A Brief History of Packaging: ABE321/AE206, 12/2002
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Kenneth Berger
Role of Packaging in Society and the Environment: ABE336/AE207, rev. 12/2003
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Kenneth R. Berger
Extension Service Consumer Factsheet: "Paper or Plastic?": ABE329/AE209, 12/2002
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Melisa Balkcom, Bruce Welt, Kenneth Berger
Notes from the Packaging Laboratory: Polylactic Acid -- An Exciting New Packaging Material: ABE339/AE210, 12/2002
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Kenneth R. Berger, Matthew Knoelke, Bruce Welt
Notes from the Packaging Laboratory: Hot Tack Measurements of Thin Sealant Films: ABE340/AE211, 12/2002
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Russell F. Mizell, III
Peachtree Borers in the Home and Commercial Peach Orchard: ENY-691/IN489, rev. 11/2003
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Alan W. Hodges, W. David Mulkey, Ronald P. Muraro, Thomas H. Spreen
County Property Values and Tax Impacts of Florida's Citrus Industry: FE437/FE437, 11/2003
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John E. Reynolds
Agricultural Land Values Increase: 2003 Survey Results: FE439, 11/2003
Lawrence Datnoff, Carol Stiles, John Cisar
Managing Pythium Blight in Overseeded Turf: PP-66/PP115, 7/2003
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M. Brecht, Lawrence Datnoff, Russell Nagata, Thomas Kucharek
The role of silicon in suppressing gray leaf spot development in St. Augustinegrass: PP-67/PP114, 7/2003
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Craig D. Stanley, R. A. Clarke, Brian L. McNeal, B. W. Macleod
Relationship of Chlorophyll a Concentration to Seasonal Water Quality in Lake Manatee, Florida: SL211/SS430, 11/2003
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Jeffrey Dwyer
The Future of Aging is Florida: FCS2209/FY624, 9/2003
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