Getting the Most out of Social Media: Successfully Using Social Media
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Fernandez, Jessica C., and Joy N. Rumble. 2015. “Getting the Most Out of Social Media: Successfully Using Social Media: AEC560/WC222, 8/2015”. EDIS 2015 (7). Gainesville, FL:3.


Agriculturalists can use social media as a powerful tool for marketing their products and establishing a brand identity. This 3-page EDIS publication, which focuses on describing successful ways in which an organization can use social media, is the third in the Getting the Most out of Social Media series. The goal of this series is to help agriculturalists understand how social media can work for them. The series also discusses the various social media platforms and how to use social media strategically and wisely. Written by Jessica C. Fernandez and Joy N. Rumble, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural Education and Communication, August 2015. (Photo credit: tanuha2001/iStock/

AEC560/WC222: Getting the Most out of Social Media: Successfully Using Social Media (
view on EDIS


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