Biology and Management of Long-Stalked Phyllanthus in Ornamental Crop Production
Long-stalked phyllanthus in flower.
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Chormanski, Theresa, Chris Marble, and Lyn Gettys. 2015. “Biology and Management of Long-Stalked Phyllanthus in Ornamental Crop Production: ENH1257/EP518, 4/2015”. EDIS 2015 (5):5.


This 5-page fact sheet discusses the characteristics of long-stalked phyllanthus and explains how to control its growth in a nursery environment. Written by Theresa Chormanski, Chris Marble, and Lyn Gettys, and published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, April 2015.

ENH1257/EP518: Biology and Management of Long-Stalked Phyllanthus in Ornamental Crop Production (
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