Pandemic Impacts on Florida Farmworkers: Emerging Takeaways to Inform Outreach and Policymaking
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Silvert, Colby, Whitney Stone, John Diaz, and LaToya O’Neal. 2021. “Pandemic Impacts on Florida Farmworkers: Emerging Takeaways to Inform Outreach and Policymaking: AEC741/WC402, 12/2021”. EDIS 2021 (6). Gainesville, FL.


This new 5-page publication aims to synthesize emerging takeaways from reporting and literature on the challenges experienced by US farmworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting examples from Florida, when possible. Written by Colby Silvert, Whitney A. Stone, John M. Diaz, and LaToya J. O’Neal, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.
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