COAST: A Comprehensive Older-Adult Screening Tool
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Alabasi, Karima, Nancy Gal, and Wendy Dahl. 2020. “COAST: A Comprehensive Older-Adult Screening Tool”. EDIS 2020 (4).


Nutrition risk screening is a first step to quickly identify individuals who might be malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. A malnutrition screening tool should be easy to use, quick to administer, and valid&mdash;able to correctly identify those at risk of malnutrition. The Comprehensive Older Adult Screening Tool (COAST) is a valid and practical tool to determine if community-dwelling older adults, specifically older adults of lower socioeconomic status, are at risk for malnutrition. This new 6-page publication of the UF/IFAS Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, written by Karima Alabasi, Nancy J. Gal, and Wendy J. Dahl, provides an introduction to COAST as well as the 5-question screening tool.<br /><a href=""></a>
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