Callistemon salignus, White Bottlebrush
White Bottlebrush.



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Andreu, Michael G., Melissa H. Friedman, and Robert J. Northrop. 2012. “Callistemon Salignus, White Bottlebrush: FOR292/FR360, 7/2012”. EDIS 2012 (10). Gainesville, FL.


Native to Australia, this evergreen tree has use as an ornamental tree that produces moderate shade along a street, median, or yard. The unique flowering structure is eye-catching, and it can be pruned for use as a decorative hedge. Its tolerance of many different soil types and droughty conditions makes it easy to care for after it’s been established. This 2-page fact sheet was written by Michael Andreu, Melissa Friedman, Robert Northrop, and published by the UF Department of School of Forest Resources and Conservation, July 2012.


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