Outbreaks of Foodborne Diseases Associated with Tomatoes
Tomato slices.
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Valadez, Angela M., Keith R. Schneider, and Michelle D. Danyluk. 2012. “Outbreaks of Foodborne Diseases Associated With Tomatoes: FSHN12-08/FS192, 5/2012”. EDIS 2012 (6). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-fs192-2012.


Concerned about the safety of fresh-market tomatoes? This 5-page fact sheet highlights tomato-related outbreaks in the United States and Europe and reviews the locations and venues of tomato preparations as well as the severity of outbreaks. Written by Angela M. Valadez, Keith R. Schneider, and Michelle D. Danyluk, and published by the UF Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, May 2012.

FSHN12-08/FS192: Outbreaks of Foodborne Diseases Associated with Tomatoes (ufl.edu)

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