Red Heart Disease in Pines Caused by Porodaedalea (Phellinus) pini in Florida
Symptom of red heart disease caused by Porodaedalea pini, showing the reddish-brown decay with “white pocket” in the heartwood.
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Huang, Yin-Tse, Jeffrey Eickwort, and Jiri Hulcr. 2020. “Red Heart Disease in Pines Caused by Porodaedalea (Phellinus) Pini in Florida: FOR356/FR425, 12/2019”. EDIS 2020 (1). Gainesville, FL:3.


All pine species in Florida are susceptible to red heart disease. The disease can decrease timber value and weaken trees, making them threats to people and property. In forests, however, the same disease can be beneficial to cavity-nesting animals like red-cockaded woodpeckers. This 3-page fact sheet written by Yin-Tse Huang, Jeffrey Eickwort, and Jiri Hulcr and published by the UF/IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation describes the disease and provides some tips to manage it in areas where it could cause problems for people.
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