Vol. 2008 No. 4
New Publications 4/29/2008 through 5/19/2008

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public between April 29, 2008 and May 19, 2008.

Laurie E. Trenholm
Growing Turfgrass in the Shade: ENH151/EP072, 4/2008
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John McLaughlin, Carlos F. Balerdi, Jonathan H. Crane
Cashew-Apple Fruit Growing in the Florida Home Landscape: HS1127/HS377, 4/2008
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Jaret C. Daniels, Joe Schaefer, Craig N. Huegel, Frank J. Mazzotti
Butterfly Gardening in Florida: WEC 22/UW057, rev. 2/2008
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Kathleen C. Ruppert, Wendell A. Porter (Former Author); Randal A. Cantrell (Revision Author); Hyun-Jeong Lee (Former Author); Giovanna Marie Benitez (Revision Author)
Energy Efficient Homes: Ceiling Fans: FCS3261/FY1029, rev. 12/2022
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Wendell A. Porter, Hyun-Jeong Lee, Kathleen C. Ruppert
Energy Efficient Homes: Air Conditioning: FCS3262/FY1026, 4/2008
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Wendell A. Porter, Hyun-Jeong Lee, Kathleen C. Ruppert
Energy Efficient Homes: The Duct System: FCS3263/FY1024, 4/2008
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Jennifer E. Darby, Allen F. Wysocki
Empowering Kennel Associates at Veterinary Practices: Win-Win Strategies for Management and Employees: HR027/HR027, 4/2008
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David R. Bray, Ray A. Bucklin, H. H. Van Horn, R. A. Nordstedt, Adelbert B. Bottcher, R. N. Gallaher, Carroll G. Chambliss, G. Kidder
Water Budgets for Florida Dairy Farms: CIR1091/DS121, 2/1993
Carrie Reinhardt Adams, Nancy M. Steigerwalt
Methodology for Wetland Seedbank Assays: ENH1090/EP354, 2/2008
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Rebecca G. Harvey, Matthew L. Brien, Michael S. Cherkiss, Michael Dorcas, Mike Rochford, Ray W. Snow, Frank J. Mazzotti
Burmese Pythons in South Florida: Scientific Support for Invasive Species Management: WEC242/UW286, 4/2008
Gabriel J. Miller, Steve A. Johnson, Lora L. Smith
Ecological Engineers: Southeastern Pocket Gophers Are One of Nature's Architects: WEC244/UW285, 4/2008
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Albert De Vries, Russell Giesy, Lane Ely, Mary Sowerby, Brent Broaddus, Chris Vann
Dairy Business Analysis Project: 2006 Financial Summary: AN196/AN196, 3/2008
Chad Carr, Larry Eubanks, Ryan Dijkhuis
Adding Value to Livestock with Niche Meat Marketing Programs: AN197/AN197, 4/2008
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Tyrell Kahan, Sally Williams, Ray Mobley, Ikechukwu Ezenwa, Eric Peterson
The Use of Tanniferous Plants to Control Infestations of Haemonchus contortus Parasites in Meat Goats: AN199/AN199, 3/2008
Richard J. Henny, Jianjun Chen, Terri A. Mellich
New Florida Foliage Plant Cultivar: 'Red Hot' Anthurium: ENH1099/EP363, 4/2008
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Walter J. Tabachnick, Chelsea T. Smartt, C. Roxanne Rutledge-Connelly
Bluetongue: ENY-743/IN768, 4/2008
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Frederick M. Fishel
Exposing Pesticide Exposure Using Fluorescent Tracer Dyes: PI-162/PI199, 5/2008
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Jacque Breman, James DeValerio, Amanda Gevens, Richard Cullen, W. Bird
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Confirmed in Argentine Bahiagrass in Northeastern Florida: PP252/PP168, 4/2008
Aaron J. Palmateer, Carol M. Stiles, Pamela D. Roberts, Richard E. Cullen, H. Dankers, Robert J. McGovern, Natalia Peres, Philip F. Harmon, Carrie L. Harmon
Sample Submission Guide for Plant Diagnostic Clinics of the Florida Plant Diagnostic Network.: RFSR007/SR007, rev. 5/2008
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