Vol. 2004 No. 10
New Publications 7/21/2004 -- 8/3/2004

New EDIS publications that have been released to the public between July 21st, 2004 and August 3rd, 2004.

Rob Brown, Carol J. Lehtola, Charles M. Brown
Building Student Commitment to Agricultural Safety: A Guide for Agriculture Education Classes: ABE353/AE268, 7/2004
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Chris Demers, Douglas R. Carter
Conservation Easements: Options for Preserving Current Land Uses: SS-FOR-21/FR149, 1/2004
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William E. Kunkle
Wilting Bermudagrass Improves Forage Silage Quality and Cattle Performance: AN146/AN144, 10/2003
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Richard Schoellhorn, Erin Alvarez
Warm Climate Production Guidelines for Angelonia: ENH 877/EP134, 10/2002
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Cynthia C. Lord, C. Roxanne Rutledge-Connelly
Lyme Disease in Florida Horses: ENY711/IN492, 7/2004
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Edward A. Evans
Potential Problems Facing the U.S. Nursery Industry: FE491/FE491, 8/2004
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Edward A. Evans
Understanding the WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement: FE492/FE492, 8/2004
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Elio Jovicich, Daniel J. Cantliffe, Steve A. Sargent, Lance S. Osborne
Production of Greenhouse-Grown Peppers in Florida: HS979/HS228, 7/2004
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Eric Simonne, David Studstill, Michael Dukes, John Duval, Robert Hochmuth, Gene McAvoy, Teresa Olczyk, Steve Olson, Elizabeth Lamb
How to Conduct an On-farm Dye Test and Use the Results to Improve Drip Irrigation Management in Vegetable Production: HS980/HS222, 7/2004
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Jennifer Bonina, Daniel J. Cantliffe
Seed Production and Seed Sources of Organic Vegetables: HS981/HS227, 7/2004
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James J. Ferguson, Mark A. Ritenour
Guidelines for Organic Handling Requirements for Citrus Packinghouses and Processors: HS983/HS211, 7/2004
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Carrol G. Chambliss, Doug E. Mayo
Creep Grazing for Suckling Calves - A Pasture Management Practice: SS-AGR-211/AG193, 2/2004
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Jason A. Ferrell, Gregory E. MacDonald
Dogfennel (Eupatorium capillifolium): Biology and Control: SS-AGR-224/AG233, 8/2004
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Richard B. Selander, Thomas R. Fasulo
Blister Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Meloidae): EENY166/IN323, rev. 8/2003
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