Introduction - Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Vol 1
Red-colored fruit of 'Flordaguard' rootstock trees. Figure 6 from Rootstocks for Florida Stone Fruit: HS1110/HS366




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Hochmuth, George. (2001) 2024. “Introduction - Florida Greenhouse Vegetable Production Handbook, Vol 1: HS766/CV244, 11/2008”. EDIS 2018 (6). Gainesville, FL.


Greenhouse vegetables cannot usually compete directly on a price basis in the same markets with field-grown vegetables. Greenhouse vegetable production is much more expensive and more intensive and the crops must be marketed as specialty produce. Since greenhouse production is very costly and intensive, and the market for the specialty items is volatile, the prospective grower must be keenly aware of the special and exacting requirements of greenhouse vegetable production. This publication presents the special considerations that must be understood by all new or perspective greenhouse vegetable growers. This document is a chapter of the Florida Greenhosue Vegetable Production Handbook, Volume 1, one of a series of the Horticultural Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida. First Publication Date: December, 1990
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