Vol. 2013 No. 11
New Publication 12/1/2013 through 12/31/2013

New and revised EDIS publications that have been released to the public in December 2013.

Agronomy Department

A. R. Blount, S. M. Olson, D. L. Francis, C. L. Mackowiak, H. K. Ober, J. H. Freeman, K. H. Quesenberry, R. D. Barnett, T. W. Wilson, R. W. Gornto
A Walk on the Wild Side: 2013 Cool-Season Forage Recommendations for Wildlife Food Plots in North Florida: SSAGR28/AG139, rev. 9/2013
Guodong Liu, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Gene McAvoy, Ben Hogue, Crystal A. Snodgrass
Application of Surfactants in Commercial Crop Production for Water and Nutrient Management in Sandy Soil: HS1230, 12/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
M. Palumbo, L. J. Harris, Michelle D. Danyluk
Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness Associated with Common Berries, 1983 through May 2013: FSHN13-08/FS232, 11/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Sydney Park Brown, Thomas H. Yeager, Robert J. Black
Espaliers: CIR627/MG273, rev. 11/2013
view on Ask IFAS PDF-2013
Michael A. Davis, Doug R. Sloan, Gerald Kidder, R. D. Jacobs
Poultry Manure as a Fertilizer: PS1/AA205, rev. 11/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Ron Cherry
Stink Bugs in Florida Rice: IG479/IN1009, 10/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Taylor Stein, Namyun Kil, Alexis Frank, Alison E. Adams, Damian C. Adams, Francisco J. Escobedo
Public Land Management Agencies’ and Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners’ Perceptions towards Ecosystem Services: FOR312/FR380, 7/2013
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Sherry L. Larkin, Charles M. Adams
Economic Consequences of Harmful Algal Blooms: Literature Summary: FE936, 8/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Maia McGuire, Jeffrey Hill
Invasive Species of Florida’s Coastal Waters: The Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) and Devil Firefish (P. miles): SGEF 208/SG132, 1/2014
view on EDIS PDF-2014
Seth C. Farris, Michiko A. Squires, Frank Ridgley, Emma Lavergne, Mitchell Serota, Frank J. Mazzotti
Necropsies of Reptiles: Recommendations and Techniques for Examining Invasive Species: WEC337/UW382, 9/2013
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Susan A. Wineriter, Susan E. Halbert, James Cuda
Psílido, Boreioglycaspis melaleucae Moore (Insecta: Hemiptera: Psyllidae): EENY300SP/IN1019, 12/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Vivek Kumar, Cindy L. McKenzie, Catharine Mannion, Ian Stocks, Trevor Smith, Lance S. Osborne
Rugose spiraling whitefly Aleurodicus rugioperculatus Martin (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae): EENY578/IN1015, 10/2013
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Anita Neal
Sri Lankan weevil Myllocerus undecimpustulatus undatus Marshall: EENY579/IN1016, 11/2013
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Deah Lieurance, Stephen Luke Flory, Aimee L. Cooper, Doria R. Gordon, Alison M. Fox, Joan Dusky, Linda Tyson
The UF/IFAS Assessment of Nonnative Plants in Florida’s Natural Areas: History, Purpose, and Use: SS-AGR-371/AG376, 11/2013
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Erica Odera, Alexa Lamm, Michael Dukes, Tracy Irani, Hannah Carter
Water Issues in Florida: How Extension Can Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement: AEC488/WC151, 12/2013
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George Hochmuth, Laurie Trenholm, Esen Momol, Don Rainey, Claire Lewis, Brian Niemann
The Role of Soil Management in Minimizing Water and Nutrient Losses from the Urban Landscape: SL391/SS593, 11/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
George Hochmuth, Laurie Trenholm, Don Rainey, Esen Momol, Claire Lewis, Brian Niemann
Maximizing the Benefits of Reclaimed Water for Irrigating the Landscape and Protecting the Environment: SL385/SS587, 11/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
George Hochmuth, Laurie Trenholm, Esen Momol, Don Rainey, Claire Lewis, Brian Niemann
Conducting a Blue Dye Demonstration to Teach Irrigation and Nutrient Management Principles in a Residential Landscape: SL392/SS594, 11/2013
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Sydney Park Brown, Patricia White, Benny Tjia, Marion R. Sheehan
Drying and Preserving Plant Materials for Decorative Uses: CIR495/EP004, rev. 11/2013
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George Hochmuth, Laurie Trenholm, Don Rainey, Esen Momol, Claire Lewis, Brian Niemann
Managing Landscape Irrigation to Avoid Soil and Nutrient Losses: SL384/SS586, 10/2013
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Jeanine Beatty, Karla Shelnutt, Gail P. A. Kauwell
A Consumer’s Guide to Eggs: FCS80024/FY1357, 11/2013
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Glenn D. Israel, Jessica L. Gouldthorpe
The Savvy Survey #4: Details in the Design: AEC394/PD064, 10/2013
view on EDIS PDF-2013
Bryan D. Terry
Working in Groups: The Importance of Communication in Developing Trust and Cooperation: FCS2333/FY1378, 8/2013
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