Treat HLB Trees With the Right PGR at the Right Time
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Vashisth, Tripti, Wesley Webb, and Taylor S. Livingston. 2023. “Treat HLB Trees With the Right PGR at the Right Time”. EDIS 2023 (September). Gainesville, FL.


As the trees become symptomatic for HLB, an imbalance of plant hormones can be observed in the leaves. This hormonal imbalance exacerbates the symptoms and can lead to more stem-dieback, poor vegetative growth, and fruit drop. Ultimately leading to reduced bearing wood, thus resulting in yield losses and tree decline. Thus, the use of growth-promoting hormones can be beneficial in boosting growth in HLB-affected trees. This article will discuss using three PGRS-cytokinin, auxin, and gibberellic acid (GA) on HLB-affected sweet oranges to improve their growth and productivity.

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