Improving the Precision of Blueberry Frost Protection Irrigation
Cold protection at a private blueberry farm in Alachua County, Florida




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Borisova, Tatiana, Tori Bradley, Mercy Olmstead, and Jeffrey Williamson. 2015. “Improving the Precision of Blueberry Frost Protection Irrigation: FE979/FE979, 10/2015”. EDIS 2015 (9). Gainesville, FL:9.


In Florida, early-ripening southern highbush blueberry cultivars allow growers to take advantage of high prices in the early market before other states can compete with higher volumes of berries sold at lower prices. That advantage comes with a vulnerability, however, because frosts can reduce gains. Florida growers rely on strategies like cold protection irrigation to reduce their risk of loss due to cold damage. This 9-page article by Tatiana Borisova, Tori Bradley, Mercy Olmstead, and Jeffrey Williamson describes a UF/IFAS study comparing precision cold protection irrigation to uniform cold protection irrigation to estimate the potential savings in diesel costs and water withdrawal volumes associated with the two practices and help protect Florida’s valuable and vulnerable blueberry harvest. Published by the Food and Resource Economics Department in October 2015.


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