Starting a Community Garden
Community Garden
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Community Gardens


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Hunsberger, Adrian, Eva C. Worden, and John McLaughlin. 2016. “Starting a Community Garden: ENH 966/EP124, Rev. 4/2016”. EDIS 2016 (3):4.


A community garden is a great way to unite a group of people in a common goal. In addition to providing fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit, community gardens can also increase self-esteem, beautify a neighborhood, and create an opportunity for socializing and improving health. This revised 4-page fact sheet outlines the importance of community gardens and how to develop and manage a community garden. Written by Adrian Hunsberger, Eva C. Worden, and John McLaughlin, and published by the Environmental Horticulture Department, April 2016.

ENH 966/EP124: Starting a Community Garden (
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