Seeding the Garden
A garden bed with string marking rows for even planting. Credit: T. Jones, UF/IFAS
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Treadwell, Danielle, David Outerbridge, Tabitha Petri, and James Stephens. 2021. “Seeding the Garden”. EDIS 2021 (1).


Growing your own Florida vegetable garden can be a rewarding experience with a little planning. This 5-page publication of the UF/IFAS Horticultural Sciences Department presents an overview of proper seed selection and planting. It also provides best management practices, as well as relevant terms and methods, for seeding vegetables in home and community gardens. Written by Danielle Treadwell, David Outerbridge, Tabitha Petri, and James M. Stephens.

Original Publication:

Stephens, James M. (1994) Seeding the Garden. Fact Sheet HS-506 (March 1994). Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Gainesville FL.
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