Management of Citrus Tree Canopies for Fresh-Fruit Production
Removal of sucker shoots from rootstock, bud union, and tree trunk, before (left) and after (right). Credit: International Citrus Technologies Pty Ltd, Western Australia
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Krajewski, Andrew, Arnold Schumann, Tim Ebert, Chris Oswalt, Rhuanito Ferrarezi, and Laura Waldo. 2021. “Management of Citrus Tree Canopies for Fresh-Fruit Production”. EDIS 2021 (1).


Canopy management is a useful tool to induce precocity and maintain high production of optimum-sized, high-quality fruit. The aim of this new 8-page publication of the UF/IFAS Department of Soil and Water Sciences is to provide growers with practical tools with which to manage their trees for maximum fresh-fruit yield, quality, and profitability. Written by Andrew Krajewski, Arnold Schumann, Tim Ebert, Chris Oswalt, Rhuanito S. Ferrarezi, and Laura Waldo.
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