Facts about Iron
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Bobroff, Linda B., and Jennifer Hillan. 2011. “Facts about Iron: FCS8704/FY217, Rev. 12/2010”. EDIS 2011 (4). Gainesville, FL. https://doi.org/10.32473/edis-fy217-2010.


Iron is a mineral that is found in every cell in the body. It’s an important part of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all the cells. Our cells use oxygen to make energy from the food we eat. Iron also is needed to keep the immune system healthy and help brain cells work normally. Learn the facts about this important mineral, with this revised 2-page fact sheet written by Linda B. Bobroff and Jennifer Hillan and published by the UF Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences, December 2010.

FCS8704/FY217: Facts About Iron (ufl.edu)

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