The fate of pesticides
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Popenoe, Juanita. 2019. “The Fate of Pesticides”. EDIS 2019 (July). Gainesville, FL.


 What happens to pesticides after they have done their work for you? Do pesticides just fade away, get washed away or stay as unwelcome guests in your fields? Responsible pesticide use requires thinking about where the pesticide is going once it leaves the container. Some basic information about pesticides is necessary first.

We all have heard about the issues out West where unexpected spray droplet, vapor or particle drift moves pesticides off target in some bad ways. However, if you keep the pesticide on target, with no off-target movement, what happens to it? Pesticides that are taken up by the plant do not run off or leach, but what about the rest? That depends on the characteristics of the pesticide, including its solubility, adsorption, volatility and persistence.

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